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Diving in Istria

Embark on an extraordinary underwater journey and uncover the captivating beauty of the Istrian peninsula. Explore its rich and diverse ecosystem, teeming with well-preserved plant and animal life. Dive into a world of underwater walls, enchanting reefs, mysterious caves, and intriguing shipwrecks.

Istria boasts a network of dive centers that offer comprehensive diving courses, including CMAS, PADI, NITROX, and APNEA, designed to take you to thrilling underwater destinations. These centers provide the option to rent high-quality, thoroughly tested equipment or to have your own gear professionally serviced and maintained.

Safety is paramount in Istria, with the added reassurance of a hyperbaric chamber conveniently located in Pula, ensuring your well-being during your diving adventures.

Thanks to favorable sea temperatures, diving in Istria is a year-round delight, with May to November offering particularly ideal conditions. Immerse yourself in the hidden underwater wonderland of the Adriatic, awaiting your exploration and discovery!

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