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Biciklom po Istri

Do you like winter cycling in a nice weather? Would you like that place to be close to your home so you can get there by car without having to rent one? And bring your own bike? Perhaps Istria is the solution for you! Only a couple of hours drive from your home, you can find the right cycling destination – a heart-shaped peninsula with numerous road and mountain bike trails that
wind through beautiful landscapes.
In Istria, you can drive through rocky  trails, forest paths, green valleys, by streams and wells and over picturesque hills, up to real mountains climbs.
Winding local roads will lead you to welcoming istrian villages, towns and forts on top of hills, to the ancient Roman amphitheater.
To make your rides more comfortable, bike maps are available, numerous trails are marked with official signs, and if you want to have quality guidance, you can always hire  official guides.
You can participate in a number of cycling races, but also in a number of world-class competitions - mountain bike circuit racing, XC marathons, road races, granfondo race.
The entire calendar can be found on the official website  www.istria-bike.com.
And let’s not forget – if you want to conclude your day enjoying in delicious food, istria offers a number of famous winemakers, oil, pršut (istrian ham), agritourisms.
You can also try istrian truffle and freshly picked asparagus, the istrian manestra, and in the end you can sweeten yourself with genuine istrian honey or homemade cakes.

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