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Explore Biking in Istria

Are you a fan of winter cycling with beautiful weather? Do you wish to find a cycling paradise close to home, where you can bring your own bike without the need to rent one? Look no further than Istria! Just a short drive away, this heart-shaped peninsula offers an array of road and mountain bike trails that wind through breathtaking landscapes.

In Istria, you'll pedal along rocky trails, through forested paths, verdant valleys, alongside streams and springs, and over picturesque hills, even tackling real mountain climbs. Local roads will guide you to charming Istrian villages, perched hilltop towns, and ancient Roman amphitheaters.

For added convenience, you'll find detailed bike maps, official trail markers, and the option to hire expert guides for a top-notch cycling experience. Istria hosts a variety of cycling events, from local races to world-class competitions, including mountain bike circuit racing, XC marathons, and road races. Check out the full calendar on the official website www.istria-bike.com.

And don't forget to savor the culinary delights of Istria to complete your day. Indulge in renowned wineries, exceptional olive oil, Istrian ham (pršut), and authentic agritourism experiences. Taste the earthy flavors of Istrian truffles and freshly picked asparagus, relish in hearty Istrian manestra soup, and satisfy your sweet tooth with genuine Istrian honey and homemade cakes.

Discover the perfect blend of cycling adventure and gastronomic exploration in the charming region of Istria!

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